Abu Dhabi Office Tower

Jim Strasman as Design Architect for Arthur Erickson Architects

The form of the building was arrived at by searching for a logical architectural expression in answer to the problems created by the intense sunshine and heat together with the desire to take advantage of the view of the Gulf to the north. The concept is of a cool oasis in the middle of the desert created by surrounding the oasis with high concrete walls which will shade the main office area throughout the day. These concrete walls provide shelter for the oasis area throughout the day. Intricate traditional tracery will be cast into the concrete in contrast to the solidity of the massive walls.
The building  rises out of the desert and is set in a reflecting pool that will contain chilled water which will be the reservoir for the building and at the same time act as a cool interior court whose reflections will be reflected on the many faceted mirrored glass circular inner court wall. The ground floor will have a variety of plant materials symbolizing the strong link between man and nature and again emphasizing the oasis concept.
The building has two finishes- an interior finish and an exterior finish. The exterior finish will be sandblasted concrete, the color of the desert. The interior finish will be blue-green mirrored glass tile that will reflect the infinite reflections while giving the interior the coolness of an oasis.