Barrie Waterfront Masterplan

9 Acre Masterplan for Barrie Waterfront

Strasman Architects Inc. in association with MCL Architects of Barrie were commissioned by the City of Barrie to look at the potential development opportunities for the Old Allandale train station site located in the old village of Allandale SE of the downtown core of the City of Barrie. The site is 7 acres and had been abandoned for a number of years. The Station itself had been boarded up and was in disrepair. Our concept was to overlay the property with an extension of the City’s street grid and break up the site into 3 distinct development parcels. The Old Allandale village, the Allandale station and, a mixed use development parcel. GO was parking its trains overnight just to the east of the site to service the newly constructed GO station in Barrie South.
Our recommendations were to:

  • Have GO back its trains up and service a new GO platform to provide GO service to the City of Barrie.
  • Integrate Barrie’s bus service/transit bus service with the GO platform providing a multi-modal interface for 6 buses (5 local, 1 intercity)
  • Provide 150 parking spaces for go riders,handicapped parking,bicycle storage,a tunnel under the tracks providing access to the platform,Kiss N ride as well as a passenger pick up and drop off lane. The station has now been restored to its original grandeur and the GO platform and Bus platform have been constructed.