City of Toronto: Dufferin Waste Management Facility

Enhancement in Vehicle & Pedestrian Circulation, Spatial Adjacencies and Work Environment

Solid Waste Management Services currently operates the Dufferin Waste Management Facilities within the 23.78 hectare Dufferin Yard and Dufferin Transfer Station sites located at 75 and 35 Vanley Crescent. At present this site and the staff facilities are not working efficiently. The scope of this project is to quantify the problems and conceptualizing, with concrete data, an overall master plan for staff facility location(s).
The work includes identifying the current and future needs of each unit’s functional and required work space, fleet vehicles, equipment, and other operational requirements. The final proposed solution must coordinate with the other facilities on site and current projects in progress, specifically, the redevelopment and expansion of the Dufferin Organics Processing Facility, associated additional roads, and possible replacement/renovation of the Dufferin material Recovery Facility.
The guiding principles for the design of the project are based on the City of Toronto’s desire for a facility that is operationally efficient while creating an enjoyable work environment. To accommodate this, the design team considered the layout of vehicle and pedestrian circulation, the movement of parts and equipment, spatial adjacencies, and the provision of sufficient areas to meet the requirements of the program.