Conestoga College Productivity Institute

Progressive Energy Efficiency Systems Design

The Productivity Institute was the dream of the then president of Constoga College, Ken Hunter who, in his former life, came from the aircraft manufacturing industry. We had just completed a Master Plan for the Doon Campus and built their new Athletics and Recreation Centre. He asked us to put our creative thinking caps on and programme and design the Productivity Institute.
He wanted the building to incorporate the latest technology and as many energy efficient systems available. We chose a site at the East end of the campus; decided that solar thermal, photo voltaic, solar storage, electricity storage, heating as well as cooling had to be the predominant design generators for the building. The building form in plan is circular oriented to the South and easily expanded to its optimum configuration of 180-220 degrees to take full advantage of solar radiation.
Triangular three dimensional trusses with round exposed ducts delivered the hot and cold air. A large pile of rocks under the solid roof at the base provided a thermal storage sink. The flat roof was flooded with water with sprinklers to minimize the need for air conditioning. The roof was completely covered with Solar panels and PV panels.