GO: Orangeville Bus Facility

Bus Facility With Stair Tower Adds Presence to a Dead End Street

The proposed Architectural Innovation Design is based on the original RFP concept of administration, staff, and public areas located near the front public entry and the more secured areas for staff and utilities towards the garage and rear areas of the building. However, we felt that the function of the main office would be more practical near the Front entrance door for mail delivery or visitors checking into the facility and the function of the Fluid Room at this location would be better served near the Service area in the NW corner of the garage.
This room location switch gave rise to a straight forward circulation route through the building allowing light to penetrate from end to end. Reworking of the stair and enclosing the vertical space to the multi-level roof eliminated waterproofing details and would provide access to the roof in a sheltered and protected manner. This feature has multi-purposes as the stair ‘tower’ contains strip windows allowing natural light to penetrate the middle of the building down to the ground floor. Conversely, the stair ‘tower’ on the exterior becomes an ideal location for signage and adds presence to the facility at the end of this ‘dead-end’ street.
To economize and simplify, we removed the large canopy in areas where there were no windows or doors to protect. Where windows and doors occurred, we placed a light horizontal shallower canopy for shade and protection and accentuated this line with a bold colour and the facility’s identity. The simple flat canopy begins on the Centennial Street approach and turns the corner to Commerce Road bringing the approaching visitor around the corner to the Front Entry and Entry driveway. It is a way of pointing one in a direction.