Mitel Manufacturing Facility

Innovative Structural & Cladding System for High-Tech Manufacturer

This manufacturing facility Design/Build proposal for the Austin Company was to be located in Renfrew Ontario . The facility was to be built in 4 phases starting at 23,226 sm and ending at 69,677 sm with no interruption to the manufacturing process. Because of the nature of the business Mitel was in-the manufacturing of High-Tech communications systems- we decided to take a high-tech approach to the design of the building.
A 15m x 15m structural bay provides maximum flexibility. Three dimensional triangular trusses carry major services feeding secondary services into smaller triangular trusses at 3m on centre formed by two standard open web steel joists. A power grid is suspended below the space frame. Main trusses are skylit and roofs are stepped to the North. Materials include steel framing with brushed aluminium insulated cladding panels and grey glass.
1980 Award of Excellence for Manufacturing Facility