Mount Pleasant Chapel and Administration

Visitation, Chapel and Administration Centre

This project is nestled amongst the old and majestic forest tree at the South ends of the beautifully landscaped Mount Pleasant Cemetery. The building contains a Chapel, a visitation Centre, a reception room, work room, Administration offices and an underground parking garage. Residential in scale and feel, the building was designed to blend seamlessly into the immediate-neighbourhood and mature landscaping surrounding the  centre.
The exterior materials are: brick, stone, precast concrete and glass chosen for their durability, warmth and universal appeal. The exterior is simple, classic and appropriate. In contrast, the interior, especially the Chapel glows with light and life. The interior of the Chapel is warm, welcoming, inviting and open with universal appeal to all visitors. The warmth, colour and textural richness of the Chapel interior soothes and enhances the emotional experience of the visitor especially at such an emotional time in their lives.
2010 Wood Design Award