Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church

Church Designed to Accomodate 2,500 Seat Congregation

This church was designed for a very large congregation-2500 seats. In addition to the main Sanctuary the accommodation consists of the following spaces: Chapel, Children’s wing, Body-life and Education wing, Gym and Community Outreach and Administration. The total gross floor area is 125,000 square feet.
The building was to be built in two phases. A large forecourt at the front of the church serves as the main entrance as well as providing the space and surroundings for after worship socializing. The main entrance leads into the fellowship hall as does the rear entrance. The rear entrance leads directly to a large 800 car parking lot.
There is also a smaller children’s courtyard that is fenced in for the safety of the children. A convenient passenger pick up and drop off is also provided at the rear or secondary entrance. The exterior finishing materials are wood,stone and glass.