Trillium Dome

Stadium Designed to Ignite Surrounding Development

The Trillium Dome was the submission by The Shipp Corporation in association with the land owners of a 3,300 acre parcel of land assembled for the express purpose of  financing a Domed Stadium to be built at the North-West corner of highway 401 and Hurontario in Mississauga. The submission was also strongly supported by the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel. The thinking behind the proposal was that if the Domed stadium was built it would add value to the 3,300 acres of land surrounding the Stadium. This increase in the land value would pay for the stadium. A very creative and visionary concept. A parcel of 300 acres at the intersection of highway 401 and Hurontario was selected for development.
Our approach was to create a master planned multi use development with the Trillium dome at the centre of the development. We called it the ripple effect caused by throwing a pebble into a quiet body of water. Waves ripple out from the centre and gradually dissipate and merge with the more orthogonal grid of the surrounding area. The development immediately surrounding the Domed stadium consisted of  high density residential, commercial, parking ,municipal recreation and rapid transit connections right inside the stadium. The stadium had a retractable roof, seating for 63,00 for Baseball,72,000 for football and Soccer, as well as pedestrian concourses encircling the seating areas and easy field access for trucks.