TTC: Castle Frank Station

Major Accessibility & Fire Exiting Upgrades

This project is part of an upgrade program to provide a second exit for five TTC subway stations. The Castle Frank Station features the construction of a new full-time exit facility connecting the north-bound and south-bound subway platforms to the street level and the existing bus platform.
This new second exit is designed to improve life safety within the station by providing a second exit to grade to meet the intent of the Ontario Building Code. The new egress route consists of the construction of two below grade exit stairs connecting between the existing platform and an underground pedestrian concourse over the existing subway tunnel. The concourse connects with a new stair that emerges into a street level pavilion attached to the existing bus shelter and platform.
The new exit pavilion is constructed of concrete and masonry, stainless steel and glass and is designed to complement the classic modern design of the existing station. The architectural finishes were selected in consultation with the TTC’s plant maintenance department to ensure ease of maintenance and long term durability.