Wilson Street Parking Garage

Six Story Parking Structure Adjacent to Guelph City Hall

The City of Guelph established a project mandate to construct a six story parking structure as a convenient means to accommodate people in the market district and provide relief to the limited existing curbside parking. Located directly across from City Hall, the facility will house 366 parking spaces including 8 barrier free stalls and, in an enclosed secure room, up to 120 bicycles. Given how prominently the building will feature in the public realm, the City expressed a strong desire for the structure to positively contribute to the existing built environment, and included a welcome requirement for Integrated Public Art in their project specifications.
The proposed solution embodies the correlation of the immediate urban context to the regional landscape characteristics from which the city evolved. Inspired by the natural heritage of Guelph, including the confluence of the Speed and Ermosa Rivers, the design solution evokes a diverse landscape, woven into the framework of the streetscape. The building’s identity reflects these different conditions with uniquely tailored solutions for each of the different site edges, view corridors and adjacent open spaces. Overlooking the intersection of Wilson and northumberland Streets, a five story glazed enclosure houses the elevator lobbies for all levels.
From the interior, patrons are treated to spectacular views of the market square as they enter and exit the elevators, providing immediate orientation to the downtown district and a secure environment stemming from the continuous visual connection with the public realm. At the base of the tower, the main lobby entrance extends down Wilson St. and around the vehicle entrance to connect the bicycle storage area. A double height atrium encloses the main entrance with a view to the second floor lobby, establishing an arrival experience suited to this distinguished site and seamlessly continues the public realm safely into all levels of the facility. A masonry clad stair and elevator core anchors the corner and unites the materiality of the adjacent heritage buildings with the composition of the new structure.