GO Transit East Region Bus Maintenance Facility

This project included the land development of a 5.9 ha greenfield property to construct a 17,651 square meter LEED Silver bus maintenance and storage facility in Oshawa, Ontario. The facility was designed to accommodate indoor storage for 56 double-decker buses and 12 outdoor parking spots, and with a potential future expansion, the facility would be able to service a total of 98 buses. Site infrastructure and space allowances for the future expansion have been incorporated into the initial facility construction.

Oshawa, ON
Completion Status
GO Transit
Surface Size
190,000 sf
LEED Certification
LEED Silver
Key Personnel
Shawn Strasman
Project Types
, ,

The project included the design and construction of a bus wash bay and multiple mechanical service bays within the building in addition to a two-storey administration building. Storm water management facilities provided the required on-site storage of storm water to meet the maximum permissible discharge rates to the municipal systems in addition to meeting the requirements for storm water quality. In addition, the Site included additional features which were added by the owner during the design stage, including the provision for salt storage on-site within a salt enclosure building, a radio tower within an enclosed compound, and a 2 50,000 lt cistern tanks for the on-going use in providing water for bus washing requirements and landscape irrigation.

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