Metrolinx Kipling Mobility Hub

The Metrolinx Kipling Mobility Hub is the redevelopment of the area around the Kipling GO station and the TTC’s Kipling subway station. The Hub will integrate the TTC subway, GO regional rail and bus, and MiWay local bus services into a single hub through a new bus terminal and supporting infrastructure. The facility includes a GO Rail Station and Passenger Drop Off (PPUDO), two parking lots, a pedestrian bridge, pedestrian tunnels, a sound wall, an art installation, and significant sustainable features including a Green Roof covering 80% of the combined roof area. The Hub will seamlessly connect multiple agencies and modes of transportation to extend and enhance the ability and options for riders to efficiently reach their destinations through public transit.

Etobicoke, ON
Completion Status
Surface Size
52,635 sf
Key Personnel
Shawn Strasman
Project Types

With numerous arrival points, individual buildings and options for departure, the design solution provides logical connection points and pathways throughout a unified campus integrated into the surrounding urban community. Clarity of organization both across the site and within the Hub’s buildings facilitates intuitive wayfinding and comprehension of station amenity locations. Located immediately north of the Bus Terminal, the Entrance / Ancillary Building provides a vital link connecting the Bus Terminal Building with the surrounding urban network while facilitating the necessary support and connections to the Bus Terminal Building.

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