Wandich Residence

Bridge Residence Cantilevered Over the Lake

The Wandich Residence, a 7,000 sq. ft. space for year round use, was designed to intrude as little as possible on the existing landscape. This was achieved by partially lifting the residence off of the ground. The supports, two concrete structures on either side that contain the bedrooms, create a “bridge” containing the living areas, dining room and kitchen.
The glass and steel bridge, partly cantilevered over the lake, also provides an optimum vantage point to enjoy every view of the surrounding environment: thick woods to the North, the lake and green hillside farms to the South, a lily pond and sunrises to the East, and open water and sunsets to the West. The residence won a Record House of the Year Award from Architectural Record in 1983.
1983 House of the Year Award from Architectural Record
2014 OAA Landmark Designation Award