407 ETR Patrol Yard

Located adjacent to the 407 ETR Head Office on Steeles Avenue between Highways 27 and 427, this visually important facility contains three new buildings and a relocated sand camp (trailers for housing winter snow plow drivers). The project was broken into three phases for construction.

Toronto, ON
Completion Status
407 ETR
Surface Size
76,850 sf
Key Personnel
Shawn Strasman
Project Types

The new Patrol building will provide the required administrative spaces, a wash bay and four maintenance bays for the Plow Trucks. The new Covered Hot Fence will provide cover and Plug-ins for 22 Plow Trucks and miscellaneous storage. The Salt Storage building is to replace the existing salt domes and is designed to allow for the trucks to enter the building for loading.

Photography: Pooya Aledavood

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