Interior photo of the NICU department

Mackenzie Health NICU Expansion

The original NICU Nursery, located in a former 4-bed patient room in the post partum ward was grossly deficient in terms of the space, configuration, mechanical/electrical services and program adjacencies required to safely meet the present patient loads. A reconfiguration of the existing ward was proposed to facilitate a new nursery to effectively meet the present and short-term future case loads in an efficient manner that still provides a calming and enhancing environment for the parents and the staff alike. To achieve efficient workflow, the design solution involves incorporating the team station, charting, med prep room and reception into a consolidated zone adjacent to the existing resuscitation area.

This allows for direct access to the resus procedure room, and effectively unites the NICU with the C-section rooms and sterile core of the neighboring Labour and Delivery ward. The individual isolette bays incorporate flexible indirect/direct lighting strategies to minimize disruption to the infants from harsh overhead fluorescent fixtures. Special attention was also given to sound attenuation in the nursery through low decibel flooring, coffered ceilings and sound insulated partitions.

Richmond Hill, ON
Completion Status
Mackenzie Health
Surface Size
1,800 sf
Key Personnel
Richard Shaw
Project Types

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