Interior photo of the Emergency Department

Rouge Valley Health System Emergency Department Alterations

With a mission of providing “the best health care experience” for their patients and families, as part of the minimum wait time strategy the Hospital alterations to the Emergency Department were required. Four phases were planned and executed over several years to minimize impact on ongoing operations and patient care. The four phases were: Mental Health Seclusion Rooms; Staff Facilities and Administration Suite; Short Stay Unit; Rapid Assessment Zone (RAZ).

Ajax, ON
Completion Status
Rouge Valley Health
Surface Size
2,700 sf
Key Personnel
Richard Shaw
Project Types

The renovated Emergency Department resulted in:  Two Seclusion Rooms to safely address the needs of psychiatirc patients; Admin and staff facility enhancements allowed for a high quality working environment for staff; Increased stretcher capacity in a bright welcoming patient-centric environment; Highly efficient fast track suite centred around a team station and adjacent waiting area.

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